Teresa LeYung Ryan’s Tips for Success 


 “In the fiercely competitive arena of the publishing world, how does one stand out in a crowd?  Building relationships is one key to success in this business. Another key is to know how to translate the themes from your life to your writing and articulate those themes as community concerns.  I want to see all hardworking writers realize their dreams.”


1.       Make every word count-especially in your pitch, query letter, synopsis, press releases.


2.       Research when looking for an agent or acquisition editor/publisher. Who are their clients?  How well are they connected in the industry?


3.       Learn about the industry yourself. Join organizations; talk to people in the business; find mentors; find joyful ways to network and gain resources.


4.       Say “Thank you” whenever anyone helps you. Being courteous goes a long way.


5.       Surround yourself with people who are supportive of your dreams and encourage others to do the same.


6.       Keep voicemails and E-mails succinct.  Use bullet-points when asking questions.


7.       Follow-through will save you from "I assumed..." headaches.


8.       Remember that perseverance + talent + business savvy = dreams come true.